We make the finest affordable exotic skin holsters available. They are both beautiful and extremely durable holsters made from the highest quality leather and exotic skins and hides.

Exotic skins are all more naturally durable than cowhide and able to withstand the daily wear and provide more comfort for you and protection for your weapon than Kydex type holsters.

We make exotic skin holsters for a variety of weapons. These holsters are custom made when you order them and your holster will arrive in about 6-8 weeks. There are some in stock holsters available, in the shop holsters area.

Check out our Hides/skins Color Selections page, to pick out the hide you want on your holster.

If you do not see the weapon you have, send me an email first at: info@prideholsters.com. Or if you have some other questions, Just click on our contact us page. You can learn more about the artisan craftsmanship of Pride Holsters on the About Us page.

Custom Order Holsters

Some Items In Stock

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